Review; Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil-Part 2

Sorry everyone, This post is a couple months behind! Because my laptop broke and I had no way of writing on my blog.

As you all know, I started using Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil which is clinically proven to help reduce stretch marks in just four weeks. When I first herd this i thought NO WAY! The Skin Perfecting Oil combines Botanic Oils and vitamin E to improve skin’s elasticity. For full results in 4 weeks apply twice daily by spraying it directly on to the area and massage in a circular motion.

I fell in love with this product the first day I used it because it made my skin feel so soft. After two weeks of using this product twice a day, On my belly and back, I started to noticed a bit of a difference, the colour of the stretchmarks had change, they had got lighter. FINALLY something had worked and it just 2 WEEKS. I carried on using it and after 4 weeks, my stretchmarks were not only lighter but had reduce in size.

I would recommended Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil to anyone who has just had a baby or even someone who had a baby 10 years ago. For something to reduce stetchmarks so much in so little time is amazing!



Not so long ago it was my 18th birthday, My older sister Gemma made me 18 cupcakes, with eatable photos of me! She done three different flavours icing, strawberry, vanilla and orange. They were so tasty, I though the pictures were a very clever thing to do.

My sister has been making cupcakes for a while now and has now set up her own website selling them. She sells them for cheap prices and they are one of the best cupcakes I have ever tasted.

Gemma does all different types of cupcakes, for all occassions and all her cakes are homemade and handcrafted! You can be creative and use a range of designs and flavours .

Take a look at her website-

Olympic Torch- Felixstowe

The 2012 Olympics are nearly here and with the torch relay not reaching London just yet, I felt lucky to be in Felixstowe when the torch made its way through. 2012 had been a busy year, what with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics and of course the birth of LittleMan. This year will go down in history and I wanted to make sure me and LittleMan was apart of it. Even if he is only 5 months, but at less when he gets older he can say he was a baby but he was there.

The torch was pass through Felixstowe on the 5th of July at 5pm. There wasn’t a lot of people so we got a great view. It felt like it took forever to start but when it did first was a Samsung lorry blasting out music, everyone was dancing having a good time.

This was followed by a Cola Cola van also blasting music, there was also people on bikes doing tricks. It was a really good atmosphere.

There was a high police presence to ensure the person carrying the torch was safe, After the vans with the music the Man carrying the torch finally came, followed by the London 2012 bus. The Felixstowe relay was over in minutes but this is something you see once in a life time. (Well I will be watching it when comes through London) It’s a great moment in Britain’s history so if you can, go to the olympic relay in your area, you will never get another chance.


Special Needs Jungle

Today I’m bringing you a post about what I think is the most important issue in our society today – children in care, or “Looked After Children”.

The post is the edited text from a presentation by child psychologist, Charlie Mead at the Towards a Positive Future SEN conference a week ago. He spoke powerfully about the plight of these ‘Looked After Children’ or, as it would appear, not very well looked after children. Charlie works in many children’s homes in the Midlands and South West of England  and if you want to know about how he sees the state of provision of children in care – our most vulnerable members of society – please read on, share it, reblog it, quote it on your own blogs, anything you can do to help highlight it.


Children are being ignored, abandoned and abused within the care system.  The tension between  available…

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Worry Mummy

Being a first time mum I worry about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.

On monday I took Little Man to the doctors to have his third lot of injections, I hate taking him as I hate seeing him in pain, but it is to protect him. These injections were different from the others as he was having three not two. My two friends Hayley and Rhiannon came along for support.

Little Man was really brave while getting them done, he only really cried on the last one. I was shocked as he normally screams all the way through. When we got home I was about to give him his bottle when I noticed his right leg was bright red. This has never happen before I started to worry, Luckyly I only live round the corner from my doctors. I rang them to check to see if this is normal, they say yes but not from the knee down and that I should bring him down.

Worrying I grab what I could and jumped in my mum car and drove down to doctors. The nurse assessed Little Man first and said this was uncommon and she went to get the doctor. I started panicing, thinking to myself these injections are meant to protect him not make him ill. The doctor came and had a look. She said it was uncommon but wasn’t a reaction. She also said it was nothing to worry about but if Little Man keeps vomiting or finding it hard to breath take him to hospital straight away. 

All that panicing and worrying for nothing. I was happy that nothing was wrong with Little Man but felt really silly. The doctor said it understandable and its better to worry than think nothing is wrong when it is.

That night I was checking on him every couple of minutes, The sleight noise or change in breathing pattern I was getting Mum to see if he was okay, That was one of the scariest nights in my life.




Review; Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil – Part One

When I was six months pregnant I started to get stretch marks on my side and back. I didn’t mind too much as I wasn’t really showing my body. After I gave birth to Littleman stretch marks just appeared all over my belly. They were horrible, bright red and all over my belly, back and sides. Litteman is now 17 weeks old and even know my belly has gone down in size, I don’t like showing my stretch marks to anybody. (Even my boyfriend)

I have tried many products to reduce the redness and size of my stretch marks but nothing works. My sister Claire meet a PR for Johnson’s and got me Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil for stretch marks. It is clinically proven to help reduce stretch marks in just four weeks. Yes you did just read it right it only takes four weeks.

The Skin Perfecting Oil combines Botanic Oils and vitamin E to improve skin’s elasticity. For full results in 4 weeks apply twice daily by spraying it directly on to the area and massage in a circular motion.

I have only just started using this today and it makes the skins feel so soft. I will be giving my full review in 4 weeks time, but already I am loving this product.

Disclaimer: This is a product review. I was not paid to write review but did receive the product.

Tennis MasterClass With Judy Murray!

Myself and Claire were invited by Highland Springs to The Queens Club which were holding the AEGON championships, to have an 2 hour tennis masterclass with Judy Murray (Andy Murray’s mum and former tennis coach).

At school I was never really a fan of PE or enjoyed many sports, I had also never played tennis before and knew I wouldn’t be very good at it. Claire also never played tennis and said she couldn’t even hit a ball! So when the chance came up to have a tennis masterclass with Judy Murray I was delighted.

We were told to wear sports wear and bring a change of clothes for afterwards. We meet up with Eve PR of Highland Spring and headed to play some tennis.

There was eight of us in total, Judy and her team were really friendly. As me or Claire never played tennis before Judy really helps us to get the hang of things and gave each person there own tips on how to better their game. I was actually rather good at tennis, we even team up and played a game, I was on Judy team and we won!

The masterclass was really fun and is also a great way to exercise, I decided I am now going to take up tennis. After the class, we got changed and headed to the VIP Crown Club for champers and strawberries. (Thats not something I get the chance to do) It was nice to chill out with Judy and just relax.

It was a great day, thanks to Judy and her team and the guys at Highlandspring.