Review; Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil-Part 2

Sorry everyone, This post is a couple months behind! Because my laptop broke and I had no way of writing on my blog.

As you all know, I started using Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil which is clinically proven to help reduce stretch marks in just four weeks. When I first herd this i thought NO WAY! The Skin Perfecting Oil combines Botanic Oils and vitamin E to improve skin’s elasticity. For full results in 4 weeks apply twice daily by spraying it directly on to the area and massage in a circular motion.

I fell in love with this product the first day I used it because it made my skin feel so soft. After two weeks of using this product twice a day, On my belly and back, I started to noticed a bit of a difference, the colour of the stretchmarks had change, they had got lighter. FINALLY something had worked and it just 2 WEEKS. I carried on using it and after 4 weeks, my stretchmarks were not only lighter but had reduce in size.

I would recommended Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil to anyone who has just had a baby or even someone who had a baby 10 years ago. For something to reduce stetchmarks so much in so little time is amazing!


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